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Life’s too short to not feel confident about your finances.

Retirement planning is important, and most Americans don’t give their own retirement the proper amount of attention and commitment. That’s where Thomason Financial Services can help. We’ve been in the investment industry since 2007 and serve clients in Washington, including Chewelah, Spokane and Seattle. We are also licensed to do business with clients in Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.

Our independent financial planning firm can assist you and your family with a retirement planning strategy by educating you on how to properly plan for life’s unexpected events. We can even help you understand basic financial information necessary to plan your own retirement, such as budgeting, risk assessment, the time value of money, and even compound interest.

Our firm offers many services including how to maximize your Social Security income, the advantages and disadvantages of converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs, legacy planning, guidance on pursuing long-term care coverage, life insurance and beneficiary reviews, and understanding one’s complete financial plan and how all your money works together.

Life’s too short to not feel confident about your financial situation. Contact us today, and let us help you work toward a more confident retirement.

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